The Chesapeake

Neither of us has spent much time in The Chesapeake Bay. Learning this place was a priority when planning our fall sailing schedule. After a memorable stop in Annapolis (covered in the last blog post) we headed to the Eastern Shore to explore. We nosed our way up the Chester River and made our firstContinue reading “The Chesapeake”

August Visitations

August was a social month full of visits with family and friends. Sundance and her crew enjoyed a lively New England farewell tour. In Cushing Maine our friends Deb and Doug Morgan hosted us once again to a delicious dinner on their deck while Sundance bobbed below on their mooring in beautiful Davis Cove. AsContinue reading “August Visitations”


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Eagle Seven Sailing

We are Chris and Alex sailing full time aboard our 36′ Morris Justine, Sundance.

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