Spring Commissioning

The cover is off and spring commissioning has begun.

The bottom painting project was a lot easier this year after the bottom stripping project last year.

Interlux Micron CSC has been my go to bottom paint for decades. It works great for seasonal sailing in New England. I’m curious to see how it holds up for extended cruising in different geographies – time will tell.

After all the winter projects and other preparations for extended liveaboard sailing, the standard spring commissioning work list felt like a comforting old habit. Almost quaint, just the same stuff I always do in the spring to get this, or any other boat, ready for the water. That list includes:

  • Removing the winter cover
  • Clean and wax topsides from the waterline to the rail (Awlcare)
  • Sand the bottom, prep and apply 2 coats of Interlux Micron CSC bottom paint
  • Clean and grease the Max Prop
  • Change the prop zinc and the hull zincs
  • Rearranging from winter to summer solar
  • Service the seacocks
  • Swap out the winter halyards for the service halyards
  • Steering system service
  • Fill propane bottles
  • Fill scuba tanks
  • Winch service
  • Set out dock lines and fenders for launch day

The remaining work items on the commissioning list will be completed after launch (Monday, May 9th – we hope.) Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Spring Commissioning

  1. Looking up halyard!
    Love this new maritime universe about which you are now going to be teaching me

  2. I spy many technical words I’ll need to be instructed on. Does my sister scuba dive?

    1. Actually, neither of us is much of a scuba enthusiast. We keep the equipment onboard for routine under water maintenance and cleaning and for emergency under water repairs. Nice to not have to hold your breath when working down there.

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