A Month of Boat Work in Georgia

After an epic winter sailing season in The Bahamas, we crossed back to Florida and made our way up the Intra Coastal Waterway to Brunswick, GA for a month of boat work. Why Brunswick, Georgia? Well, we’d be lying if we told you it didn’t have anything to do with the free beer at BrunswickContinue reading “A Month of Boat Work in Georgia”

The Bahamas, A Review

Our time in the Bahamas has come to an end. It was one hell of a cruise. Tears flowed when we headed west into the Gulf Stream towards Florida leaving the beautiful waters, islands, and people of The Bahamas in our wake. Our route took us from Key Biscayne, FL to Bimini, to Chub CayContinue reading “The Bahamas, A Review”

Long Island, Cat Islands & The Raggeds

To understand The Bahamas you need to appreciate how big a country it is geographically, 3,100 islands and cays spread out over a 760 mile long archipelago. You also need to grasp how small the country it is in terms of population, only 408,000 residents. That, dear reader, is only about twice the summer populationContinue reading “Long Island, Cat Islands & The Raggeds”

Day in The Life – George Town

George Town is the largest town in The Exumas. It is also the only town that has an international airport with direct service to the USA. We’ll be here for a few weeks as various family members and friends use that airport to come pay us a visit. It’s a sweet little town centered aroundContinue reading “Day in The Life – George Town”

Arriving into The Bahamas

Crossing into The Bahamas on a sailboat takes a bit of coordination. First you need to fill your propane and diesel tanks and load 5 months worth of food onboard in South Florida. Then you need to make your way to a good jumping off spot like Key Biscayne. Then you need to wait forContinue reading “Arriving into The Bahamas”

A Day in The Life on The ICW

00:00 – 04:00: Wake with mild panic every hour or so to make sure the anchor isn’t dragging. Despite the fact that we routinely set two anchor alarms and the fact that we haven’t dragged anchor anywhere in years, we still can’t escape some mild anchoring anxiety. Probably better than becoming complacent. The prospect ofContinue reading “A Day in The Life on The ICW”

The Chesapeake

Neither of us has spent much time in The Chesapeake Bay. Learning this place was a priority when planning our fall sailing schedule. After a memorable stop in Annapolis (covered in the last blog post) we headed to the Eastern Shore to explore. We nosed our way up the Chester River and made our firstContinue reading “The Chesapeake”

New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

The highlight of September had us sailing through Hell’s Gate, down the East River, and straight into the heart of New York City. With family aboard, we had a two day adventure, first spending the night in Brooklyn then moving on for a brief visit to Jersey City before tackling the rest of the coastContinue reading “New York, New York, Big City of Dreams”

August Visitations

August was a social month full of visits with family and friends. Sundance and her crew enjoyed a lively New England farewell tour. In Cushing Maine our friends Deb and Doug Morgan hosted us once again to a delicious dinner on their deck while Sundance bobbed below on their mooring in beautiful Davis Cove. AsContinue reading “August Visitations”

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