And We’re Off!

The Countdown is Over.

We have cast off…or been cast off??  It’s true, it’s real, the house is sold, the cars are gone, the furniture is stored, goodbyes have been said.  We now live aboard S/V Sundance, full time, all the time, on the water.  Holy crap.

First, a profound thank you to all of our friends and family who came out to cast us off – and to all of you who entertained us in the last couple of months on land.   The process of packing up our lives had its hectic and frantic moments (U Haul to Brooklyn anyone??!!).  But what abides for me is gratitude, and joy.  We saw friends from church, from work, from the neighborhood, from the old neighborhoods.  We ate and drank and laughed.  We hugged all the people we love.  We had time with the kids (the very, very grown up kids) and watched Heidi graduate from college, replete with honors.  

Maybe it’s because we’ve all been so isolated during COVID, or maybe just because it’s the part of human life I like the best, but these last few months of attending to our relationships, to our community, have been…spectacular.  We know so many good and kind people.  How lucky we are to have been reminded of that. And to discover a new version of it on the water.  On our second night out we celebrated a birthday with old friends.  The night after that new friends were found on the next mooring over.  Thank you Mike & Pearl for the coffee and lemon meringue pie.  

Photo Credit to Cindy Klipfel

This post, as some of you have helpfully noted, is a bit late given that we cast off a week ago.  I’ve learned that sunshine is an impediment to sitting down in front of the computer.  See also: rum drinks.  This is slightly problematic given that we plan to keep moving south (and we’re so thirsty!)  AND.  I am resolved to be more disciplined in the future.   My brother gave me a book of Joan Didion’s essays (thank you Justin) so I am studying the form.  Now I have a rainy morning.  While I roast some beets and Chris takes care of thank you notes, a blog post can be born.

Onward.  Deep thanks from us to you.

Video credit to Lewis Wheeler

6 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. Amazing! Keep em coming. Love to hear ALL about your adventures. (and love the pics!)

  2. Lovely update, Alex.

    However, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to address a broader issue of concern to the landlubber community. That is:

    You set sail over a week ago and you’ve yet to leave Massachusetts’ waters?! WTH?!

    Sorry, but this leisurely pace just ain’t gonna cut it. Where’s the roiling ocean, rollicking tales, projectile vomiting, Somalian pirates? If I and my fellow terra firmistas are going to live vicariously through your adventures, you’ll have to pick up the pace.

    Anchors aweigh!

  3. Good luck Chris and Alex. We are following your travels.
    Great to see the family pic with Nate and Heidi – how time flies!
    Let us know if you will be passing through our area – Mystic, Groton, New London – my boat is almost ready to go and we could do some local cruising with you. Bent on the mainsail today so that leaves just the head and black water system, main engine, electronics, batteries, and a few other odds and ends to finish up…you know the story.

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