The Islands of Southern New England June Cruise

June sun sparkles on Block Island Sound

After a hectic May spent closing up our land based life and moving aboard the boat, we needed a slower pace in June. The Islands of Southern New England provided the perfect setting for adjusting to boat life.

Kettle Cove, Naushon

Our plan was to revisit some of our favorite spots. Instead of rushing from one to the next, we only moved the boat when the wind was good for sailing. Naushon has always been at the top of our list and we started there.

Tarpaulin Cove

Martha’s Vineyard gave us the opportunity to reunite with family and do a little farm stand shopping with our new bike.

GRAPENUTS the Bike getting the job done

And then it was on to Cuttyhunk where we nearly had the place to ourselves and saw the Strawberry Moon.

Cuttyhunk Pond
Strawberry Moon

We hadn’t planned to go to Block Island, but when an unusual fair weather Northeast wind was forecast, we decided to take advantage of the good sailing that promised and off we went.

Departing Cuttyhunk

Alex caught a fish along the way:

Approaching Block Island

Upon arrival, we enjoyed the traditional mudslide at The Oar. There was also plenty of time for beach walks and cockpit relaxation before the west wind filled in and we sailed back to Massachusetts.

On to Nantucket

Where we enjoyed the tranquility of the Head of The Harbor anchorage

Along with plenty of rowing, hiking and biking.

Eventually we retreated to the mainland. It’s a good place to get rid of trash.

Photo by Cape Cod Canal enthusiast Stan Wasserman

Now we are through the canal and bound for July in Maine.

4 thoughts on “The Islands of Southern New England June Cruise

  1. Great life….great pix! Keep ’em coming! Enjoy M-A-I-N-E (“spells Maine”).

  2. I never knew my sister could fish. She is surprising me with many newfound talents.

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